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At one extreme we have the non-specialized household. They often predate newer developments such as mass long-haul holiday markets, budget cruises and the Internet, for example. Buyer and user characteristics. Allocentrics - are outward-looking people who like to take risks and seek more adventurous holidays. Hedonism is their main motivation.

It does everything for itself, and no travel is required. Traditionalists, who value safety and security and try to avoid surprises by sticking with familiar destinations and types of holiday.

Market Segmentation Dibb et al. Indulgers, who want to be pampered when they are on holiday. To participate in this society, the household specializes its occupations, education, social activities, etc. They often ignore the fact that people may mature as tourists as they become more experienced as travellers. Much of the market research in tourism is too poor and unreliable to allow us to accurately implement any of these methods.

Indulgers who want to be pampered

Moore has observed that increasing specialization in all things is the chief feature of social change. Therefore, they will move between segments from time to time, as their income grows, their health deteriorates or they start using the Internet to gain tourist information. The decision is often the result of a compromise between the tourist and the other members of the holiday party, whether they be friends or relatives.

The desire of urban dwellers to visit rural locations for leisure, as a contrast with their everyday environment. Elite tourists are experienced frequent travellers who like expensive tailor-made tours. Mass tourists expect the same things they are used to at home. They like partying and are more concerned with drink than food.

Adventurers, who are independent and confident and like to try new activities. Consider two non-observable extremes.

Therefore what someone does on holiday may not reflect their true desires or personality. Health farms and spas target their marketing at consumers who aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle. The gap can be caused by a number of factors, for example social conventions, ego and, even, self-delusion. Off-beat tourists aim to get away from other tourists. Minutes per day spent in travel Men.

Market Segmentation Dibb et al

Explorers set out to meet local people but they will expect a certain level of comfort and security. Psychocentrics - were less adventurous, inward- looking people. Worriers, who worry about the stress of travel and their safety and security while on holiday. Moderates, who had a high predisposition to travel but were not interested in weekend breaks or sports. Hedonistic sun, sand, sea and sex holidays are usually targeted at extrovert people.