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Aiming for an A in A-level Biology by Jo Ormisher download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Hindi replaced Urdu as the national language. Revision checklist for O Level Physics.

Revision checklist for OHindi replaced Urdu as the national

Make sure you guys read the official O Level syllabus too, though. Mark your shortcomings, revise them, in case of any ambiguity contact your teachers or post here, and re-try that question. The more you practice, the more you gain confidence, the easier the paper for you to score.

It is often useful to choose Physics, Maths or Chemistry as your other A levels, if you want to pursue a scientific career. Heck, even Aga Khan teach you Spanish in the first few months of the medical courses.

Muslims were attacked and ridiculed especially when worshipping in Mosques. Some useful stuff that may come in handy. Spanish, German, Chinese and French are great options.