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Hunter showed his friends and family

Renee nodding in agreement. We only learned about it from some of the people we worked with at the Berkton base while preparing for deployment and decided to go for it.

Hunter got to the picture from some of their patrols in the different towns and districts, showing the soldiers in their almost full gear with helmets, guns, gloves, vests, sunglasses, etc. By the ten minute mark, Hunter had taken out four members of his platoon with head or heart shots.

But he'll also get a message informing him that someone tried to contact him via walkie-talkie. Then as cold as the forties in January.

Hunter didn't mind, it seemed like with him in the army now, Eddie and Drew were less inclined to give him a hard time, but Hunter still didn't like them. Hunter showed his friends and family some of the pictures and videos that he had, not all of them because it would take hours to cycle through. For fifteen minutes, it was the soldiers grabbing their weapons and taking off to hide behind the tents, boards, fake trees, and bushes.

After that, Hunter kept Audrey on his left side with an arm around her waist and greeted Shane with a hug and the girls. However, despite the tension between them, Viola was his mother, and he could never hate her. There was no need for shoes right now since they didn't plan on going anywhere today. Hunter was seen getting Theo in the shoulder, Andrew in the leg, and finally, Trey got it on the right side of the leg, but Hunter was first to reach the bell and ring it. Only took him two tries to hit the target and after that, he never missed again.

Well, I won't take up much of your time then. At the end of a brief hesitation, Hunter gave her a quick one and backed up. Hunter almost didn't answer her but decided not to be an ass instead.

Your review has been posted. All there was left to do from this moment was enjoy the time he had to the best he could.

Hunter didn't mind it seemed like