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Something as messy

Army in Vietnam seemed to be unraveling. Further deployments might be necessary. North Vietnam simply had to prolong its war within South Vietnam until the United States inevitably abandoned the conflict.

More than any other

More than any other conflict during the Cold War era, Vietnam exposed the limits of American military power overseas. Something as messy as war doesn't always fit into the box that Summers makes for it. Instead, he turned to airpower.

Officers serving in Vietnam quickly found that strategy included much more than simply drafting a plan of political-military action. Discussion of the Literature. The Strategy Westmoreland's early strategy was fairly simple. In a contest over Vietnamese national identity in the postcolonial era, the U.

North Vietnamese strategists certainly were taking risks but not out of desperation. Its analysis is simplistic and seems a bit under-researched. The American presence in Vietnam began in the mids but the country was not truly at war until the mids.

However, it's easy to say that we could have won the war by taking an all-out military approach. Summers thus saves, or atleast excuses, the reputation of the American military.

This analysis has some truth to it to be sure, but using Clausewitz in this way is problematic. An uncertain end to the fighting in Korea implied there were, in fact, substitutes to winning outright on the field of battle. Kissinger warned that unilateral withdrawals were weakening the bargaining position of the United States in Paris, but Nixon continued with the redeployments to prove Vietnamization was on track.

Only the employment of B strategic bombers, called in for close air support, staved off defeat. It was a reality that many U.

Calling it a work of history is a bit misleading. Rather than a narrow focus on enemy attrition, sheer comprehensiveness proved to be a crucial factor undermining American strategy in Vietnam. Attrition of enemy forces was only part of a much larger whole.