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But they knew it was the right thing to do. We will never be able to face our Amish neighbors again. All day long my husband could not lift his head. They decided to move away from the area. Five of them survived, but Rosanna is still tube-fed and in a wheelchair.

There were massively-attended funerals for the five dead girls. Gary Graham as Henry Taskey. Forgiveness and acceptance were amplified in the days that followed. Terri Roberts was among the many people affected forever by the killings. But she has been more than a recipient of kindness from the Amish.

Peace and calm have become even more important now, since Terri has cancer that is late-stage and has taken over much of her body. It was a protective circle against all those media trucks out on the big street that had their big telescoping lenses, and yet here we were. Pastor Smucker says the population in general has benefited from this example of Amish grace.

But it has also extended over time and taken very practical forms. Back at their own home, still in shock, Terri and her husband, Chuck, had a visitor from among the Amish. We are going to have to move far away from here.

She devotes special attention to one surviving but badly injured girl. They have to bear this, the shame and the stigma. And the whole community saw that and in turn responded with them, so to speak. Since that day Terri has had a special label for her neighbor.

It was a protectivePeace and calm have become even