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Anytime Playdate by Dade Hayes download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Never worry about leaving your pet home alone again You want to spend more time with your pet, but life can get in the way. Meet our biggest fans Meet Thelma Have playtime anytime Play with your pet from anywhere, anytime. PlayDate is a wi-fi enabled remote controlled ball that can be accessed from anywhere internet is available. Even when you're not home. Your pet will never feel bored again Every pet owner knows about separation anxiety and the difficulties their miniature companions endure when left alone.

All rights reserved Play with

Remote interaction with PlayDate can help ease a pet's anxiety, curbing destructive behavior. Introducing PlayDate, the world's first remote-controlled ball that allows you to play with your pet from anywhere, anytime. Check in on your pet at anytime with PlayDate and find comfort knowing it is safe while you're at work, or anywhere else you have to be.

Ensures you can Playdate with your pet over and over again. Features Galore Connects to your wifi, and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

Rechargeable Battery mAh lithium polymer battery.

Watch your pet in live high

All rights reserved Play with your pet. Watch your pet in live, high definition video. Two-way Audio Built-in microphone and speaker to create a truly personal, interactive experience.