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Probably the best way of achieving this is for students to experience some success as a consequence of applying greater effort. It could be that we have students with fixed mindsets that believe they are not smart or not good at math, or not a good writer, etc.

In preparation for the meetings, teachers work alongside students to identify each of these components to share in the conference report. To build agency and empower students as drivers of their own learning, we run student-led conferences instead of traditional parent-teacher conferences. We also need to identify the components of the mindset we want to create. If you work hard and make progress, again and again and again, over years, you come to equate hard work with progress.

The following approaches can generate passion pathways for both students and teachers. We should be transparent with our students about our own growth, so they can see that learning is a life long process.

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In action, we see this through our approach to professional development and through student-led conferences. However, passion-based learning and the conventional definition of a passion are two different concepts. This is the growth mindset. Chris expertly marries the latest theoretical research with practical and applied suggestions.

Even better, she had an appreciation for the whole experience. Part of the drive to write this book came from a desire to right some wrongs.

This year, teachers have a variety of pathways at their fingertips through the implementation of the Redbird Professional Development Platform. Instead, we have instilled a golden plunger prize for teachers who share innovative teaching moments which have gone off the rails a bit. For teachers and students, that means learning must be something that happens through us, and not to us. However, it is important to approach this planning with the right amount of time set aside for collaboration. Sometimes, consequence is still involved, and this time used as an opportunity to reflect.

It is refreshing to read about what does and doesn't work. For both teachers and students, the use of data to inform both the grouping methods and learning pathways is important.

For example, I recently had a student start off on the wrong foot and land in trouble early in the day. But when you take this problem and look at it from a mindset perspective, certain details can be seen in a new light. Teachers who earn the ball and bands for the week keep it in their classrooms until the next share.