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Hot hushpuppies, made from the same tasty batter used to coat the seafood for a crispy crunch, are plucked from the deep fryer and served by the basket load with honey butter for dipping. If you find yourself on the south side in Surfside Beach, this Calabash-style buffet is worth checking out. It is also the national tree of St. The practice is also common among Buddhist and Jain sages.

The bottle gourd is a symbol of the Xian immortals. The Baul singers of Bengal have musical instruments made out of calabash. The gourd functions as a resonator. Amid a sea of other establishments claiming to be the real deal, Ella's has been packing them in since for a taste of authentic Calabash seafood.

It can be used for carrying

The Calabash-style fried seafood platters are still the most popular dishes on a menu that includes shrimp and grits, crab cakes and award-winning she-crab soup. Other instruments like rudra veena and vichitra veena have two large calabash resonators at both ends of the strings table. Featuring Lowcountry boil items and a raw bar, the restaurant allows patrons to enjoy their seafood steamed, boiled or in the house-special Calabash style. Whether Breakers guests go north or south, they can rest assured of getting the real deal at these Calabash restaurants. The juice of a bottle gourd is considered to have medicinal properties and be very healthy.

In parts of India, a dried, unpunctured gourd is used as a float called surai-kuduvai in Tamil to help people learn to swim in rural areas. Another big name in Calabash cooking, Bennett's has three restaurants on the Grand Strand. The hushpuppies are world-famous, and everything on the menu is mouthwatering good.

It was the preferred pipe for stage actors portraying Holmes, because they could balance this pipe better than other styles while delivering their lines. In former times, doctors carried medicine inside it, so it has fabled healing properties.

It can be used for carrying water, or for transporting fish, when fishing. Sitars and one rudra veena down right Sitar with resonator made from a bottle gourd. One of the major types of veena played in Indian classical music, it has two calabash gourd resonators.

The Original Benjamin's boasts a museum of model ships and an aquarium. Take a relaxing nap, or sit out on your private balcony and enjoy the fresh ocean air. Make a day of it and check out the Calabash waterfront and shopping scenes. One of the most popular Calabash offerings doesn't come from the sea.

The hulu is believed to absorb negative, earth-based qi energy that would otherwise affect health, and is a traditional Chinese medicine cure. The musical instrument, hulusi, is a kind of flute. See, Smoking pipe tobacco Calabash.

Sitars and one rudra veena down