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Cat Talk by Sonya Fitzpatrick download in iPad, ePub, pdf

In a typical household with cats, the feline residents, once past the kitten stage, communicate among themselves mostly through non-vocal means. These closed-mouth sounds usually express happiness and greetings. Your cat may grace you with some appreciative trilling or chirrups of delight as you pet or brush her. More wide-mouthed and long-voweled utterances generally indicate at least a moderate level of urgency or determination.

Adult cats may use this

Some elderly cats develop a form of dementia which causes them to become disoriented and yowl. Sounds in the meow family are made with an open mouth.

When two cats face

Then there is the awful sound that kitty makes when we accidentally step on her paw. The meow is a very versatile tool. Some cats announce their presence with one of these short vocalizations.

When two cats face off, they each may emit rather loud and pronounced vocalizations with very long vowel sounds as a way of intimidating the other cat. Adult cats may use this same technique to summon their humans. These are brief, sweet meows. Squeaks, trills, and chirps. This is a broad category, filled with variations and nuances.

These meows are not silent, just too high-pitched for our ears to hear. Conclusion The more we know about cat talk, the better we can understand what our cats are telling us, and the more responsive we can be to their needs.