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This immense, terraced orb with highways running through the center was obviously a proposal of megalomaniacal hubris. It did, however, fit fairly seamlessly into the existing fabric of downtown Pittsburgh. Its cantilevered megastructure, containing a convention center, city hall, county building, and auditorium, would have only been visible from the lake. It, too, respected its urban and natural setting.

It did however fit fairlyThis immense terraced

Sometimes these schemes overturned conventional ideas of urban organization, but not always. He focused his innovations within the block, planning just four homes on each. They were arranged in a pinwheel to maximize private space.

It is rightly loathed, yet, as Levine capably demonstrates, it is often misunderstood. Even if both architects shared an interest in dismantling the recognizable urban fabric, they had different ideas about what should replace it. Its gardened roof would have served entirely as a continuation of the civic mall. Even the plans for Broadacre City sprouted several high-rises.

Anthony Paletta PalettaAnthony is a freelance writer who lives in Brooklyn. It was so respectful, in fact, that it was almost invisible. Gropius, Le Corbusier, Aalto, and others were offered a variety of commissions.