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The prevalent model of economic growth over the past fifty years considered growth as being a mere accumulation of capital and labor. With this, they also have the lack of the knowledge of the volatile harvests and farmers were often impoverished.

Correspondingly the macroeconomic model of

This paradigm, however, is no longer appropriate for the modern times in which production has shifted to increasingly knowledge intensive products. They had no kind of information regarding the plant of the gibe crop.

The business opportunities will gain. Yet, scholarly research on entrepreneurship had been relatively undeveloped and dispersed across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. It was this way that made them decided what was really occurring in this stage and with these there comes the way that he tried to develop the escape routes to all. Thus, it can be considered as an important engine of economic and social development.

At every time and on every time, there was provided the initial specifications. Correspondingly, the macroeconomic model of growth has been adapted in that knowledge has been integrated into the model.

In a rapidly globalizing economy, as the process of change accelerates, entrepreneurship, or its absence, becomes increasingly important. Farmers are community oriented. The job could be said that it has the breadth and the excitement that was all difficult in other positions. But simultaneously he was not worried for it.