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Preston McGann for his perceived lack of interest in getting physical during the drills. Before Jones leaves the war room, Irvin tells him to tell the others not to lose their playbooks or they will be cut immediately as well as Jones for not stressing the importance of the book. Donte Gamble for his inability to match up with bigger wide receivers, as shown during the rivalry game.

Reading them together will just give you a fuller picture of the cross over characters and backstory with Kane and Irus. The wide receivers won five to zero, with Hawkins and Holley scoring multiple times. Before Steve Gonzalez leaves the roombox, Irvin pulls out a sports bag of jerseys and gives one to Gonzalez and then gives the bag to him to give to the rest. The drill is running a gauntlet. How Jacks kept so much of what happened to him, to himself, and didn't have more damage shows how much of a survivor he ended up being.

Gamble gets embarrassed when Gonzalez hurdles him. It also takes a lot of strength on Irus's part to stay strong and be there for Jacks through everything. Fans would be smart to hop in with Mr.

Rice's team gets the ball but Swan and Gonzalez suffer shoulder injuries and have to withdraw. While at first Irus can't be around Jacks after the first night he stayed with Jacks.

After careful consideration Irvin sends Andrews

Irus is so frustrated the only way he can get Jacks out of his mind is to beat him to a pulp on the football field. Erick Jackson is criticized for his performance. Erick Jackson for his poor performance during the scrimmage game. Because the receivers had more room and the defensive backs had no help downfield, the receivers broke free and dominated.

On the final kick-off, Smith managed to get Hawkins to fumble the ball which was returned for a touchdown. Later that night, all of the candidates are shuttled in a limo to a club owned by one of the coaches, where they enjoy a good meal, music, and dancing with local women. Luke Swan was called in to address his injury situation.

While this was going on

Unfortunately this ends up with Jacks hurt and on the injured reserve list with a possible career ending injury. The injury places Jackson on the reserve roster. The contestant was cut immediately after a drill or practice The contestant performed the best or won the challenge therefore winning the reward. His senior year of college play was cut short when he was tackled awkwardly and his hamstrings were torn from the leg bone, ending his season as he recuperated from surgery.

While this was going on, Luke Swan could not practice for the day due to his injury and spent the time warming up on the stationary bike under the watchful eye of the trainer, Hollie. After careful consideration, Irvin sends Andrews home.