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But most of the book is

Unbelievable that he would do that, unbelievable that he would admit to it in a book. There are great stories, however, that are worth reading. His ego was crushed and he couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. He barely got any sketches on air, his dressing room was once an elevator shaft, and he suffered panic attacks so severe he thought he would die on camera. He makes himself sound like the biggest loser to ever be hired for the show.

It's a lousy way to run a show. Overall the book came off as bitter and ungrateful. It's the inmates running the asylum while the warden locks his door and doesn't want to hear about problems. He also admits to being an alcoholic.

But most of the book is spent complaining how his sketches didn't make the cut to air on the show and his infrequent appearances. That's not to say things went well. He was there at a time when the above mentioned performers were on the show as well as people like Rob Schneider, Phil Hartmann, Molly Shannon, Sarah Silverman, etc.

When he was on air, he admits, he often couldn't keep a straight face. Recommended for advanced students and adults. His relentless bitching about it makes it sound that way. He does not shy from revealing his warts as well.

This article needs additional citations for verification. He dishes unflattering portraits of some of the cast and some guest hosts while speaking most fondly of Phil Hartman and Chris Farley.

That's not to say things