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Personal ornaments were relegated as trinkets or poor imitations compared to the cave art produced by H. Muslims must convert non-Muslims or politically subjugate them. Risk needs to be disciplined, but active risk-taking is a core element of a dynamic economy and an innovative society. If these extremists could actually be transported miraculously back to the seventh century, they would learn a thing or two about the religion they claim to be their own.

There are differing opinions as to how the concept of a risk society interacts with social hierarchies and class distinctions. Taphonomic change in fish skeletons from Blombos Cave have been interpreted as capture of live fish, clearly an intentional human behavior. This suggests a gradual assembling of the package of modern human behaviours in Africa, and its later export to other regions of the Old World.

Such an oppositional role to government prevented the emergence of a general popular animosity directed at them, and by extension, toward Islam. Islam, they declare, posits the superiority of Muslims over everyone else. Sometimes crises and the subsequent marshaling of moral and intellectual resources can bring out the best in an individual and in a community. With small population sizes, human groups would have been affected by demographic and cultural evolutionary forces that may not have allowed for complex cultural traits. Whilst the wealthy person may have access to resources that enable him or her to avert risk, this would not even be an option were the person unaware that the risk even existed.

There is the underlying assumption that there must be some core aspect of the religion that is at fault, that the religion is incompatible with modernity. This non-mainstream theory is not widely accepted but does receive serious academic interest from time to time. In classical industrial society, the modernist view is based on assumption of realism in science creating a system in which scientists work in an exclusive, inaccessible environment. Giddens defines these two types of risks as external risks and manufactured risks. And even then it would only be to defend themselves against aggression.

Muslims must convert nonMuslims

But today they retain particular relevance. But unlike the earlier Christian reformers, Muslim reformers are hardly ever left alone to conduct their project of reform.

Indeed, Islam and modernization need not be at odds with one another. It is worth noting that some genetic evidence supports a dramatic increase in population size before human migration out of Africa. However, Risks do not only affect those of a certain social class or place, risk is not bias and can affect everybody no matter your class, nobody is free from risk.

Despite such formidable challenges, reformist efforts continue unabated in learned Muslim circles. Muslim religious scholars ulama never enjoyed the kind of centralized and institutionalized authority that the medieval European church and its elders did. This argument may seem oversimplified, as wealthy people may have the ability to mitigate risk more easily by, for example, buying bottled water.

Personal ornaments were relegated as