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So let me get this straight. Maybe she should suggest reverting to normal working hours. Tess Kelly might not hold down a job within the physical walls of his offices, but she was as much his employee as any one of the hundreds who worked for him. He was getting back to the apartment before seven without fail, and throwing himself into every activity with such enthusiasm that it was difficult not to be swept away along with him.

It was almost

Worth a read but not a keep. And her parents had been almost as bad. Samantha refused to be told what to do, ran circles around them, and they eventually ended up handing in their notice. He looked vibrant and drop-dead gorgeous, and she almost faltered in her high heels as she walked towards him.

And if Matt patted her on the back and patronisingly complimented her on getting the job done because she was immature enough to win over her charge, then so be it. Uncomfortable in her own skin, Tess struggled to get her thoughts in order while her innocuous remark hovered in the air between them, challenging him to assess her in a different way altogether.

White lilies intricately laced around a honeycomb of twisted driftwood neatly partitioned the restaurant, so that there was at once an atmosphere of pleasant busyness that was yet strangely intimate. He would see room for improvement.

Annoyed to find himself

Two impressive wooden tables were home to the most towering vases of flowers Tess had ever seen. The fact was that she was finally growing up. Matt exultant when he managed to buy a hotel and charge exorbitant rent in a game of Monopoly. In the act of lifting his glass to his lips, he seemed to still too.

They did their best to discipline her. There was not a thought in her head. Everything had to be just right.

It was almost as though a Hollywood director had decided to film a movie inside a restaurant and supplied his own cast. Annoyed to find himself succumbing, even temporarily, to an unusual bout of passing introspection, Matt frowned, and Tess, seeing the change of expression, was instantly on her guard.

It was essential that they were as focused as he was. He would point out any areas of concern he had with her. Her voice was shaky as she gave her order to the waiter, and when she thought that the conversation might move on she was greeted with a mildly expectant silence. With a history of not being able to stay at a job for long, she is determined to succeed at this one.