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Indeed, losing would not be the worst outcome. It is not only the senseless struggle, but the fascination with the struggle that Whitehead tries to capture in this comic, sprawling novel.

Readers of John Henry Days may or may not have thought deeply about the John Henry legend before this book, but they certainly will have afterward. It would be interesting to see where J. He took a lot of pride in his work and he hated to see a machine take the work of men like him.

Spencer, who claimed in the s to have witnessed the contest, Garst speculates that John Henry may have been a man named Henry who was born a slave to P. This dark and ironic thread joins others, author makes good rope, end of the book is a noose.

Central question of book is whether or not John Henry really won his race, cuz, you know, he died. It is, generally, the media machine of American culture. However, these bare bones of the plot in no way give a clear sense of the encyclopedic aspirations of this novel. Talcott has organized a festival, which may become an annual event, and has hired Lucien Joyce, the keeper of The List, to advise them. Sutter, involved in his own man-against-machine contest.

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Nelson asserts that a steam drill race at the Big Bend Tunnel would have been impossible because railroad records do not indicate a steam drill being used there. Although most of these men had heard of but not seen the famous contest between John Henry and the steam drill, Johnson ultimately was able to find a man who said he had seen it. In the best case, winning would only allow him to keep his job serving the progress of machines in the most grueling labor imaginable.

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