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He is the manager of the Laramie Bank, which seemed to get robbed regularly. Dan admitted in the first episode he had a previous relationship with a woman who was killed by a stray bullet.

Walter Burke appears in a comical role as Ernie. Jake Summers Dan Sheridan appeared in thirty-eight episodes in seasons three and four.

He is the managerDan admitted in the first

The marshal captures Adams and takes him to Laura's home, where they tend to his gunshot wound. Dan cared for Lily very deeply, but his job often thwarted their happiness.

After four episodes, she was never seen again. Crowe who is not wanted by the law backs down from Maddox after a brief discussion.

He urges Maddox to avoid a confrontation with Bronson. He took over as clerk at the Hotel Laramie and like Jack before him gave Dan and Johnny information on a regular basis. Maddox reiterates his position that a lawman never compromises.