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Le syndrome du Titanic 2 by Nicolas Hulot download in iPad, ePub, pdf

At a very early age heThis movie was seen by almost

His open-air photographic exhibition was shown in around countries and seen by some million people. With the aim of guaranteeing access to the widest possible audience on the freest conditions, the GoodPlanet Foundation decided to diversify distribution channels. It is presided over by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and seeks to raise awareness among the general public about environmental issues. This exceptional partnership allowed Yann Arthus-Bertrand to create a highly original work, and to release it in the most accessible conditions and to the widest possible audience.

This project is a baton that the citizens of the world can pass on as a symbol of their commitment to greater solidarity. It also allows people to give their impressions of the film.

The GoodPlanet teams is devoted to effectively coordinate non-commercial events and partners with local distributors. Yann continued his commitment to the environmental cause with the creation of the GoodPlanet Foundation. But also to carry out concrete actions and to inspire people to get involved with projects that help respect Mankind and our planet.

At a very early age, he began to use a camera to record his observations and accompany his writings. This movie was seen by almost million spectators around the world. For the first time, two non-profit organizations have come together to enable an exceptional project to come into being.

All available platforms, all networks, all means of communication are used to give the project a resounding echo. The Encounter, which featured a screening of the film and making of, discussions, workshops and much more.