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Heavy traffic alone is now enough. There was another side to Alf, however, in that he was able to use his authoritative manner in a kindly way for the good of others. As I was waiting at the start I noticed that the traffic flow was increasing, and also that it was beginning to rain. Even the Campag cranks were slimmed and polished.

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During the descent I thought what might happen if I burst a tyre now - then decided that it wasn't worth worrying about as I would surely be a dead man ten times over. When he had recounted this story he gave a sigh and a smile lit up his face as just for a brief moment he was once again Patrick, son of Alf Stewart. Alf would however arrive at events with at least three sets of wheels giving different tub choice and with different sprocket ratios.

This light tubing was usually used for track pursuit style machines or special one-offs. The area most responsive to the treatment will obviously be around the handlebar area. Sit up and it will feel as if the brakes are on.

Below, the first description is of the early machine built which, in use, threw up some unforeseen problems resulting in the second machine produced later and was the record breaking machine. His offence was to turn independent, which was a stepping-stone class meant to act as a testing step between the amateur and professional ranks. Smaller juvenile-size levers were used. The Cinelli fork crown and the front and rear ends were thinned down and reduced to reduce frontal area.