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He loaded the film into the camera. Show More loaded for bear, Informal. It is more a way of life and a way to express music and have a fucking blast with those guys than anything else.

Regardless, there is something decidedly infectious in its stripped-down nature. He's got a load on tonight.

He loaded the film into

The students loaded quickly into the buses. They loaded us down with gifts.

The attorney kept loading his questions in the hope of getting the reply he wanted. Lack of sufficient education loaded the dice against him as a candidate for the job. The silver candlesticks were loaded with lead. Show More get a load of, Slang. Rather than releasing the album under his own name, McKagan readopted the Loaded moniker.

They loaded the bases with two out in the eighth inning. During the hiatus, the Loaded members continued to work on various projects. The truck carried a load of watermelons.

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