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This is daily

Fortunately, Tunio quickly recovered. This is daily life for one solitary man in the Amazon.

Here is the hole over six feet deep in a tiny maloca house he abandoned, built of straw and thatch. His people were probably massacred by cattle ranchers who are invading the region at break neck speed. Most uncontacted Indians are likely aware of outsiders and possibly have had limited interactions with some, but choose to remain hidden and isolated.

Get too near and he will fire an arrow in warning. He will probably come under cover of night to gather the fruits when they are ripe. Funai staff initially attempted to make contact with him but realized he was reluctant, so they instead started leaving behind some tools and seeds for his use.

Fortunately Tunio quickly recovered

Mario and Pedro, our Indian guides, point to one of his hunting shelters made of leaves, and a palm tree which he has chopped down to extract the palm heart. The man, with hair down to his knees and wearing only a loincloth, was captured on video as he chopped down a tree. His presence is everywhere and I can sense him watching our every move.

Fiona Watson is with Survival International, a non-profit group that works to protect Indigenous peoples. The Brazilian government released footage Friday of the man, who is believed to be the last surviving member of his massacred tribe. Some of the ranchers have their eye on his land and there are plenty of trigger happy gun men who would think nothing of bumping him off for the cost of a night on the town.