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At the same time, however, readers will find several areas where they will vehemently disagree with Hepworth's conclusions, which are presented as matters of fact. Hepworth takes the year month by month so that we can understand how the creativity unfolded.

My August goal was to start

After that, the math gets fuzzy. We come to understand the terrain in When I saw the year this covered, I knew I had to read it. Creative beginnings may have happened in that year, but glam rock was still in its infancy, and punk rock had yet to be born. Especially when my own year is also kicking into full gear, and Braydon is working at full tilt too.

Costello, in his recent memoir, describes how much he appreciates music of all genres, and says quite bluntly that there never was a golden age of anything. Many of you have been doing that for a long time. Rock Between the Psychedelic and Punk Eras. Some of you for many years. It seems the creative terrain was simply verdant.

It's all flow, and it's all good. My own exasperated moment stems from my belief as a teenager that Lee Abrams, trend spotter and analyst, was one of the most evil commercializing influences in the history of rock music. It's fine that Hepworth wants to choose a year or period that is often neglected, as these are the areas that are richest to mine.

He tells us that Nick

He tells us that Nick Drake did not even have much of a literati audience while he was alive, partially because of his own lack of desire to be a star. My August goal was to start posting a photo a day.