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Once Upon a Kiss by Sara Jane Stone download in iPad, ePub, pdf

The book was definitely adorable but at times actually a bit too cutesy for me. It is an amazing book and i found many authors that i know love. The descriptions are very detailed and very descriptive, especially for the world and the time that this story is based in. And the twist with the cat, i never saw that coming but it made so much sense to me at the same time.

The characters are

The book was definitely fun and definitely cute. The characters are very easy to relate to and i believe that we can all imagine ourselves in each character's shoes, knowing their feelings and intentions that are very human. This book is very respectful to the original and i loved the way it is such a unique book with the author's imagination in full swing. Right off the bat, I was shipping Zoe with her best friend Jonah. Reading this had definitely made me want to read more of this authors work as i loved the details in this, you really saw who the people were, even though it was through letters.

The book was definitely

This author has a serious talent for writing, the way that the details were described in this story was so detailed it did spark my thirst for fairy tales which i have always loved so much. The story of Belle and Beast has always been my favourite and i have always had a soft spot for cinderella so i think that's one of the reasons i enjoyed it so much. The way that this story played out was brilliant and i loved how vivid it is, it really just makes me want to read more of this authors books, i would love to now where this story would go next. It was one of those moments where it was definitely cute but maybe went a bit too far for my personal taste.