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During egg banking, ovaries are stimulated with hormones, resulting in the maturation of multiple eggs that can be harvested by ultrasound-guided aspiration, and then frozen for future use. There are many potential treatments, and we recommend seeing an infertility specialist as early as possible to maximize your treatment options. Oocytes mature in the laboratory, either before or after freezing.

Testicular Sperm Aspiration or Extraction is a minor surgical procedure where sperm is retrieved directly from the epididymis or testes, which can then be frozen for future use. This process is only required when there is not enough sperm produced through ejaculation.

In this treatment, multiple oocytes are harvested by ultrasound-guided aspiration without prior hormone stimulation. The main advantage is the relatively short time period required to obtain immature eggs, which minimizes any delay before cancer treatment.

For women these therapiesFor men treatments

Ovaries are stimulated with hormones, resulting in the release of multiple eggs that can be harvested by ultrasound-guided aspiration. This procedure yields some success, but scientists are currently developing methods to optimize the technique. Many of the fertility preservation options for women with cancer require at least a few weeks to complete, which will delay cancer treatment. These eggs will then be matured in the laboratory either before or after freezing.

Donor Sperm is recommended when the testes are permanently damaged by cancer treatment and no longer able to produce sperm. It is in session for two days a week over a course of six weeks in the summer.

For men, treatments can similarly cause damage to the testes that interfere with sperm production and testosterone secretion. For women, these therapies can cause ovarian damage, early menopause, or other reproductive problems. While the priority used to be surviving the cancer diagnosis, current higher survival rates mean that fertility preservation strategies are increasingly important. Egg Banking, also referred to as egg freezing and oocyte cryopreservation, allows unfertilized eggs to be retrieved and frozen for future fertilization. This process may require weeks to complete.