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The Christian life is entirely different than anything the world has to offer. Timothy would never be an apostle. The end is very quick, relatively painless, and conclusive. Finally, it is to be shared with others.

Because we live in such a time, we need the same encouragement to faith that Timothy needed. Bull Nakano passed the torch to Yuzuki Aikawa and Hikaru Shida by putting the comparative newcomers in the main event of her own retirement show. Back with Tommy and Kat, Divatox has sent Piranhatrons out on motorcycles to chase their truck and capture Tommy. There is no fear on the apostle's part, no regrets over his termination as a sacrifice, but a sense of adventure as he sails out into a new experience of life with Christ.

Because we live in such a

Paul has reached that goal. Many Christians feel that way today, that something is wrong if they have any trouble, any difficulty in their life. Tommy, Tanya, Kat, and Adam have been asked to choose new individuals to continue on as the Power Rangers in their stead, and they have chosen T. Here the apostle is exhorting Timothy to rest upon that firm foundation which will result in a consistent, steady life amidst all the pressures and the countering forces of any day or age.

Amazing doesn't survive the war. The end has come for Paul. There is an audience present, and one is the center of attention. No longer able to stall the bus driver, Cassie decides to stay behind and look for T.

Bull Nakano passed the

Paul has to urge him to mix with others, to face public life, etc. The race, of course, is the Christian life itself, which is lived moment-by-moment, just as a race is run step-by-step. Check when he lets Hakan take over the solo and enters the background.

It's time for you and your generation to take on the responsibility of keeping peace and balance in the world. That is the battle we are facing. It includes that, but that is not all of it. Turns out that North was just an actor in a series who became deluded when his show was canceled.