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This is followed by the High Court headed by a chief judge and by district, magistrate, and special courts. The only major restriction on foreign investors checks their involvement in television broadcasting concerns. Most of the Chinese lived on the lowlands surrounding the harbour, where the streets were narrow and the houses made of wood, bricks, and mortar. It suffers from infighting on various issues, including economic issues. Hong Kong began its revival on the basis of light industries such as textiles, which were set up by immigrant capitalists and provided needed employment.

The officials at the district work in close collaboration with the main government of Hong Kong on community programs, environmental matters, and national events. Yet, the Basic Law of Hong Kong provides for an election process, which undermines the status of the Legco as a truly democratic and representative body. Hong Kong was the scene of the last struggles between the declining Ming dynasty and the rising Qing, led by the Manchu. The government in Hong Kong has three primary branches.

These hospitals are under great pressure to meet the needs of the people. Improving health indexes and a downward trend in the occurrence of major communicable diseases are leading indicators of the state of health in Hong Kong. As a result of its expansion, Hong Kong attracted many immigrants, especially from Europe and China. Historically, Hong Kong was a busy trading center in Asia given its strategic location and natural harbor.

The legislative council is headed by the speaker, and its primary duties are to debate policies and approve or reject proposed bills. The chief executive serves for five years.

Improving health indexes and a

Such movements of Chinese people between China and Hong Kong were free and were highly responsive to the political and economic conditions in China. Negotiations continued for two years. The aging of the population, coupled with the extreme crowding in the city, has been one of the main issues with elder care. Donald Tsang described the appointments as a milestone in the development of Hong Kong's political appointment system.

These hospitals are under great