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Since then pandering

The piece compared the former Purdue University basketball coach, who also endorsed Trump during the primary, to Knight. Basketball is ingrained in our Hoosier spirit, and the president tapped into that uniquely with Bobby Knight, who is the most storied legend and figure we have in college basketball. To top it off, they were all acquitted at trial, despite the fact that the guy who shot the gun confessed to it.

That year, Obama won the state in November. Banks, at the White House that day with other members of the Republican Study Committee to discuss changes to the American Health Care Act, took the question in stride. He announced his reelection bid there as well. Bobby Knight is a mixed bag, of course.

Vice President Mike Pence, a former Indiana governor, had a basketball court installed on the grounds of the U. But Indiana, like the rest of the nation, is becoming increasingly urban, and that fable could just as easily play out on a neighborhood court on the Eastside of Indianapolis. It allows the participants to express their insights and knowledge through their actual experiences. And then, of course, there was Texas Sen.

This week, Donnelly tweeted a two-minute video endorsement from Bill Hampton, the guard for the Tigers. Since then, pandering to basketball has become as time-honored a political ritual as noshing on a tenderloin at the Indiana State Fair.

Speaking of race and racism, it allows us to underscore our values and principles of social justice. In an episode reported here for the first time, Republican Sen.

This Halloween, he dressed as a Pacer and handed out minibasketballs. As the sport has tilted from Knight to Pop, the way the game is celebrated in Indiana has changed in similar ways.

This week Donnelly tweeted a

Anyone interested in the issue of race and racism in America today should read this story. Andre Carson did the same in the House. As a means of education and learning, it is innately valuable. But at a rally at the Hoosiers Gym in Knightstown, Cruz had an aide measure the hoop, recreating a famous scene from the flick. The summer of was immensely educational for all who experienced it.