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Resources Booms and Macroeconomic Adjustments in Developing Countries by Mamta Banu Chowdhury download in iPad, ePub, pdf

With its higher economic growth in recent years South Asia is becoming an increasingly important region in the global economy. The impact of resources booms is of paramount importance for the developing economies. The analytical narratives draw upon a wide range of extant literature in an easily accessible way, whilst highlighting the impact of socio-political factors on economic outcomes. It is also one of only a few books available in the market covering all economies of South Asia.

This volume provides a very useful introduction to the economics of the region and will be of considerable interest to both students and researchers. Essentially, this study will fill this gap.

To date the analytical and empirical investigations of these issues have not been available. The Handbook is indeed based on the premise that development economics and South Asia have a lot to learn from each other.

To date theThe Handbook is indeed based on