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Reversal of Fortune by Alan M. Dershowitz download in iPad, ePub, pdf

It begins with the introduction of Ted Rodrigue, a homeless man living under a bridge in California. The only limits would be that the person chosen would have to pass a psychiatric evaluation and have a clean drug test. The film shows Ted doing his daily dumpster-dive, collecting cans for the day's food, cigarettes and beer, when he finds a briefcase amongst the rubbish. By this time, Ted has become resentful to the film producers for giving him the money. He took the idea to Showtime, where he had written-directed-executive produced the limited series Out of Order and they said yes immediately.

Ted meets with him

Ted stops to brush it off and opens it up slowly and finds that it is stuffed with cash. Ted states his belief that the financial planner is only after his money and rips up his card.

He is shown placing a

He is shown placing a collect call to his mother, ultimately having the charges denied by his mother. Ted meets with him, but firmly announces to him that he has no intentions of working and does not wish to plan ahead as he is only concerned with today. Ted almost immediately buys a new bicycle, rents a motel room and takes his buddy Mike to an amusement park.

The filmmakers then request that he meet with a financial planner. Ted reflects on the better days of his life, when his mother a former alcoholic and sisters accepted him. The family is shown discussing how they are concerned for Ted's welfare.