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Subject, which is used to group books together. It will create the directory structure in the current directory. Rails makes it dead simple.

The models subdirectory holds the classes that model and wrap the data stored in our application's database. Ruby by Example shows you how to take advantage of Ruby as you explore Ruby's fundamental concepts in action.

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Its elegant syntax and readable code make for prolific and happy programmers. The next chapter explains how to create databases for your application and what is the configuration required to access these created databases. Ruby by Example analyzes a series of Ruby scripts, examining how the code works, explaining the concepts it illustrates, and showing how to modify it to suit your needs. Write Controller Code to put a life in your application.

Check Rails Directory Structure for more detail. Each chapter builds upon the previous, and each key concept is highlighted in the margin to make it easier for you to navigate the book. In this step, we will use one such helper script to create the entire directory structure and the initial set of files to start our Library System application. So, let us start with creating our library application.

This helps to keep the model, view, and controller code small, focused, and uncluttered. Further, we will see what Rails Migration is and how it is used to maintain database tables. The helpers subdirectory holds any helper classes used to assist the model, view, and controller classes. Check a complete directory structure of the application. Generate Migrations that simplify the creating and maintaining of database tables and columns.

If everything goes well it will generate the output as follows. Run the following command to create a skeleton for library application. Creating an Empty Rails Web Application Rails is both a runtime web application framework and a set of helper scripts that automate many of the things you do when developing a web application.