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Appleby proposed evidence for conditional sex allocation in a study done on tawny owls Strix aluco. Reprinted from Munday et al. Maternally inherited sex ratio in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis.

Kakapo breed in synchrony with heavy fruiting of native trees Clout et al. Haplodiploidy and the evolution of the social insects. Parents who preferentially invested in producing male offspring would have a fitness advantage over those who preferentially produced females. Intra-sex and inter-sex sibling interactions as sex determinants.

As a result sex allocation is

He made a start at developing possible explanations, but was unsatisfied and left the problem for future generations. Third, he showed that simple mathematical models could be used to make comparative predictions that could be easily tested. Here, we report a new feeding regime for kakapo that achieved our two distinct objectives for supplementary feeding in kakapo recovery. Simultaneous hermaphroditism is favoured, when an increase in male and female reproduction yields diminishing fitness returns.

As a result, sex allocation is less biased towards the female function. Ghiselin proposed that individuals change from one sex to another as they age and grow because larger body size provides a greater advantage to one sex than the other. Simultaneous hermaphrodites can adjust sex allocation according to the social environment e.

Ghiselin proposed that