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Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Bethany Hamilton's father said that David Zelon, an executive at Mandalay Pictures, lobbied to reduce the Soul Surfer's Christian elements so the film could appeal more to non-Christian audiences. AnnaSophia Robb is a convincing, cheerful heroine. The movie clearly portrays the Hamilton family as a close group who walked through an extremely difficult tragedy with grace and courage. Their stance was challenged, and the scene indicates the verse being from the Bible.

During filming, Robb wore a green sleeve on her arm so visual effects could be included later.

While those involved with the film were fine with the verse, they did not want the scene to explicitly indicate that its origin was the Bible. The acting is solid, the action is quick, the script is realistic and keeps moving well. Still, the movie is worth seeing, especially by teens and adults. Before the film entered production, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions acquired distribution rights for North America and most other territories.

We need more inspiring uplifting

We need more inspiring, uplifting messages today. The scene when Bethany is attacked by the whale is brief but the aftermath is bloody and somewhat difficult to watch so I would encourage parents to be mindful of this. The Hollywood Reporter cited the dust-up as an example of Hollywood learning to appeal to the faith-based community while still attracting secular audiences. Whether it will cheer viewers who are not as capable as Bethany is an excellent question.

The scene when Bethany is attacked