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The type of feathers and hide used on a Talking Stick are very important as well. In the Tribe that see Owl as good Medicine, the Owl feather may also be used to stop deception from entering the Sacred Space of the Council. The Answering Feather can also be the feather of a Turkey, the Peace Eagle of the south, which brings peaceful attitudes as well as the give and take necessary in successful completion of disputes. It allows all council members to present their Sacred Point of View.

The Answering Feather is also held by the person speaking unless the speaker address a question to another council member. The ornamentation of each stick all have meaning. The Talking Stick is the tool that teaches each of us to honor the Sacred Point of View of every living creature. Aspen is the symbol for seeing clearly since there are many eye shapes on the truth.

The Talking Stick is passed from person to person as they speak and only the person holding the stick is allowed to talk during that time period. At that time, the Answering Feather is passed to the person asked to answer the query. White Pine is the Peace Tree, Birch symbolizes truth, Evergreens represent the continued growth of all things. Since each piece of material used in the Talking Stick speaks of the personal Medicine of the stick owner, each Talking Stick will be different.

Fruit woods are for abundance and walnut or pecan for gathering of energy or beginning new projects. Each person making a Talking Stick must decide which type of Standing Person Tree will assist their needs and add needed medicine to the Councils held. This is not to say that they may not disagree, but rather they are bound by their personal honor to allow everyone their Sacred Point of View. The skins, hair or hides used in making a Talking Stick brings the abilities, talents, gifts and medicine of those creatures-beings to council in a variety of ways.