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Over spectators paid admission to the green to witness a surprise victory for the locals. The sides of the bowling green measured over ft. The grounds were constructed on a slope so the lower part was raised by means of brick arches to form accurately levelled playing surface which was said to be as smooth and as soft as velvet.

The Convict Trail is a monument

The Convict Trail is a monument to these former felons, and a tribute to their work. For many, the new colony provided an opportunity to become enterprising individuals who laid the foundation for a great nation. Between and convicts who committed another crime after arriving in the Colony had been banished to the penal settlement at Newcastle, then only accessible by sea. Advertisements from the time noted that the hotel had all the comforts of a private residence including spacious sitting rooms and large, airy bedrooms. The bowling green was reserved for members on Wednesdays and Fridays but was made available to the public at other times during the week.

For many the new colony provided