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He had never really looked at her directly, had only received the impression of a frowsy red-haired girl with bad posture. He was debauched, amoral, and perversely proud of it. He found it odd that he had never noticed her, when there was a great deal worth noticing. Vincent is an insufferable aristocrat with few scruples, but Evie thinks that such a man could be a fitting adversary for her relatives.

Sebastian regarded her with veiled contempt, pondering what he knew of her. Her mother was dead, and her father very nearly so, and there were things that Evie needed to ask him before he passed away. Sebastian doubted that their good fortune would extend to this bumbling creature. Only my frustration with several overused plot devices kept this from a solid A grade.

Sebastian had heard men say grimly that they would wear a hair shirt until their skin was bloody rather than attempt a conversation with her. Sebastian warned Evie that she was a fool to trust him, but, despite his best efforts to prove how contemptible he truly is, trust seems to be the direction they are headed. Their gazes held, and Sebastian experienced a strange shock of awareness that went from his head to his toes. While traveling, much of his aristocratic hauteur melts away and, as she succumbs to the cold and exhaustion, he willingly holds her in his arms for most of the trip. That had not been difficult.

But it had occurred to Evie that such a man would be a fitting adversary for the Maybricks. Despite the inglorious pedigree, Evangeline might have made a decent enough match if not for her crippling shyness, which resulted in a torturous stammer. Vincent, is debauched, amoral, and perversely proud of it. She was amazed that she had managed to communicate so well with St. Derek Craven had been, indisputably, a showman.

The timid Miss Jenner was wont to hide in corners. Sure the transformation at times seemed slow, and painful, but fascinating to witness. The duke, however, has not. The ring bounced and rolled out of sight beneath the settee. Her family was wealthy, whereas Sebastian was titled and in financial straits.

In my mind her last few releases are missing some of the distinctiveness and boldness of her earlier books, but Devil in Winter clearly stands out as the best amongst this latest group. As Sebastian stared at her, he became aware of a slight tension building in his muscles, tiny hairs rising on the back of his neck.

At the thought of the wallflowers, she felt a sudden urge to cry. Instead, he motioned to the other chair beside the hearth with a negligent wave of his hand.

But it had

Vincent practically vibrated like a tuning fork. But when the hero of this book, year-old Sebastian, Lord St. The banns will be announced next week, she said. Although he holds the title of viscount and is heir to a dukedom, it is a poor heritage that can no longer keep Sebastian and he needs to marry a fortune.

Despite the inglorious