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The Epic Origin of Super Potato by Artur Laperla download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Overcoming this hardship with a new potato-sized costume, he mashes Doctor Malevolent's plan to starch-ify the rest of the city. But Super Max has defeated the villain over and over again. Andrea J, Librarian This book was incredibly mediocre.

But there's one thing the doctor didn't count on. Malevolent pops up to cause trouble.

The predicament also

Laperla offers obvious and subtle humor, appealing to a variety of readers. This book is over the top silly, which is exactly as I would want and expect.

Malevolent uses his new weapon on

Malevolent, and looking good. But his run in with Doctor Malevolent leaves his as a wrinkled and plump root vegetable.

Full-color panel artwork combines caricature with handsomely drafted backgrounds of cityscapes and spaceships, and Laperla nails Super Potato's expressions of rage and exasperation. Mindy W, Bookseller The Epic origin of super potato was a fun book to read to my boys.

The predicament also sets the character up for future, potato-shaped adventures. Malevolent uses his new weapon on Super Max, transforming him into a potato. Best for grades and fans of silly graphic novels.

But it's rather tongue in cheek humor, which I like. So, it's humiliating when Doctor Malevolent shoots him with a new weapon and turns him into a potato.

The potato still has powers, and justice takes many forms. This would be a good one to recommend especially to boys who have a tough time liking reading. The characters aren't particularly memorable, and the story is as basic as basic can be.