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If using a sugar cube also

Rotate the glass to evenly coat it with the absinthe. Cucumber Mint Gin Coolers This is the perfect camouflage for your cocktail if you run with the wheat grass and green dream antioxidant crowd.

It takes practice to do it right, so only imbibe after attempting to make it for the first time. If the ice is wet, stir for less time. Bourbon and Amaro Montenegro get some sweetness from pineapple juice, while a homemade black walnut and rosemary syrup and Jamaican bitters keep it all grounded.

With just Aperol, muddled cucumber, and plenty of gin, it has a light, breezy flavor that is sure to sweep you away faster than an island storm. Right up there with the Old Fashioned. Autumn Apple Get the flavor of apple picking without all the work in this cocktail. The Gin Hound Without mincing words, this is a gin lovers dream. Indulge, says this mix of gin and Cointreau, and rejoice.

Perfect Pear If fall pears are more your speed than pumpkins and apples, this drink is for you. If using a sugar cube, also drop in no more than a half an ounce of water to help dissolve it. Rum is balanced out with apple juice and a dash of lemon juice, with club soda adding lift and cutting the sweetness.

Cucumber Ginger Gin Fizz Perfect for cleansing the palette, this light, airy fizz recipe is built to refresh, revitalize, and stimulate your senses to better accept the next new flavor. Jack-o-Lantern Punch This potently spooky punch is perfect for every Halloween party. This version is far more recent and comes from the myth, the legend, the barman, Jim Meehan. Gin is the perfect addition to almost any lemonade recipe and with a few cucumber slices, this barely counts as a cocktail.

Perfect Pear If fall pears