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The International Politics of Mass Atrocities by David R. Black download in iPad, ePub, pdf

He specializes in issues of conflict resolution, international peacekeeping and Africa's international relations. The United Kingdom Paul D. Subjects Description The ongoing crisis in Darfur, Sudan has stimulated a huge amount of political and academic interest across the world. The chapters are neatly woven around the organizing theme of the possibilities and limits to good international citizenship.

This book examines the crisis in Darfur as a case study of some of the wider debates currently taking place within International Relations theory. The Case of Darfur, fills this lacunae.

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Williams About the Editors David R. His current research interests focus on Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa, with emphases on human security, development assistance, multilateral diplomacy and extractive industry investment. The crisis has been both reflective and constitutive of key areas of contestation and change within contemporary international society. The book is bound to find wide readership and improve our understanding of the complexity of external action and inaction in Darfur.

His current research interests focus on