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The North Atlantic Frontier of Medieval Europe by James Muldoon download in iPad, ePub, pdf

Subjects Description Discussion of medieval European

Rui de Pina and the problem of black African sovereignty, P. Yet the world we inhabit is, by universal acknowledgement, the outcome.

No one can say how

Readers of this Journal will find in it a multifaceted, stimulating and useful account of Iberian expansion into the Atlantic in the fifteenth century. In the process they illuminate the new identities and cultural interactions that this expansion produced in its wake, while the new introduction sets them in the broader context.

Subjects Description Discussion of medieval European expansion tends to focus on expansion eastward and the crusades. No one can say how, when, where or why, without provoking dissent. The articles collected in this volume explore the causes and the nature of this expansion, from a variety of historical traditions. Everyone agrees it happened.

Castile and Portugal also transformed the Atlantic Ocean from the inaccessible dead-end of Eurasia into the most promising avenue for European expansion for the first time in history. The next sections deal with the English expansion in the western and northern British Isles.