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In some cases accommodations are in areas of Rome where it is legally forbidden for us to park our vehicles or leave them unattended. We take every possible measure and precaution to ensure our guests have the most enjoyable experience on our Shore Excursions and arrive to their cruise ships on time. Major retailers and chain stores in Rome, at shopping centers and outlet malls generally accept major credit cards Visa or MasterCard.

This time saving shortcut will save you precious time so you have the opportunity to see more on your visit to Vatican City. Summers are hot and sunny, therefore sunscreen, sunglasses, summer hats or umbrellas are recommended.

This time saving shortcut

Our professional license permits us full entrance inside Civitavecchia port, so you do not have to walk far to your vehicle. Your Driver Guide will let you know when the tour officially ends and it is time to return to your hotel. Your Tours and Shore Excursions have so much to offer in terms of itinerary. We do not accept Credit Cards, nor do we require you to give us your personal credit card information to secure your reservation. Our vehicles are well kept and frequently maintained for optimal safety.

If you plan to use your credit card internationally, be sure to let your credit card company know in advance so your purchases abroad are not denied. Your Driver Guide will be very happy to accommodate your wishes and do his utmost best to help you create many wonderful memories on your tour.

When this happens not only do you risk exiting late and arriving late to your ship, but you will miss out on seeing the Museums and the Basilica as intended. In such cases your Driver Guide will park the vehicle as close as possible, meet you at your entrance door, and escort you to the nearby vehicle.

Stefano Rome Tours accepts no responsibility for guests who fail to book their museum tickets in advance or forget their printed vouchers. You may also take advantage when currency exchange rates are in your favor to pre-pay so you can save money. All of our cars are non-smoking and air-conditioned. Sharing your tour with others is a great way to save money. Payment for the tour shall be made in Euro funds at the end of the tour.

Summers are hot and

We understand that emergencies happen and in certain cases our clients need to cancel their reservation, so we will not penalize you for it. Only the best overall restaurants are suggested to our clients. It is not necessary to bring your passport if you worry about losing or damaging it. We are more than happy to offer suggestions to you based on your interests and desires.

Also, they meet all the safety requirements of the Italian Ministry of Transportation. Comfortable shoes and clothing are highly recommended. Payment is made directly to your guide at the end of the tour he or she provides for you. General public, or unlicensed tour guides are not permitted entrance. We do not take your credit card information.