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You write that in the s, the music industry was free and open, while in the s the industry refocused to being more about money and consumption. It is a measure of the times that the bands emerge from these voyages utterly changed. That's another reason why I wanted to write about those bands in that year because it was the peak, it was an interesting time in that regard. What I wanted to was to give people a real flavor for what that year was like, and hopefully that comes through because it was a really specific time.

That generation, that was it. Women were not just being groupies, they were working it.

They got their album on the radio without the help of the press. You wanted to make sure your album cover was just right.

Yeah, they made things work. There's a band that was working the press from day one.

There was Mary Beth Medley, the right-hand to road manager Peter Rudge, and she ran the tours as much as he did. Also, the drug menu was changing. The band had a meeting early on with a publicist named Pat Kingsley. Advertisement One of the bands you focus on is Alice Cooper. You give me one guy named Alice Cooper, that I can sell.